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Piles for Gas Plants, Power Plants, Battery Sites, Pipelines, Pipeline Risers, Pumpjacks, Bridges, Camps, Commercial Buildings, School Additions/ Portables, Towers, Light Standards, Grain Bins, Modulars
Piling is our business, We do it all. 
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Pilemaster has been serving Alberta, B.C., Saskatchewan, and the Yukon - Western Canada, since 1993. Pilemaster has 9 Pile drivers and 3 Pre-Drill units. Pilemaster is ready to take on any job, large or small. As foundation specialists, we can work in any terrain. Pilemaster has Track PiledriversPicker PiledriversTruck-Mounted Piledrivers, and Crane Piledrivers. Pilemaster can supply and install pile pipe in a range of sizes varying from 2" up to 24" piles. Pilemaster has the equipment to drive Pipe PilesH-Piles, and even Screw Piles. Pilemaster has rigs that can pre-drill through solid rock and vibratory in the pile. And we don't need to bring in additional units for pre-drilling through these obstacles--we can drill through them all with the same unit! We can also perform pile driving in areas requiring environmental sensitivity. Whatever the requirements are for the project, we can work with you to get the job done. Pilemaster carries a large inventory of pile pipe. As your foundation specialists, Pilemaster travels to all areas of Alberta, B.C., Saskatchewan and the Yukon--anywhere in Western Canada.
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Pilemaster has been COR Certified since 2004 and is a member of PIR and the Alberta Construction Safety Associations. Pilemaster is also a member of
  Isnet  Complyworks/HSE  Avetta and CQN.

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